Anatomy Of The Vape Coils – A Simple Explanation Of The Vape Coils And The Types

Anatomy Of The Vape Coils – A Simple Explanation Of The Vape Coils And The Types


Be it JUUL vaping kit for the beginners, or the PAX 3 unit, or any other such vaping devices, the common thing you find in them is the presence of a coil. These coils act as the conductor of heat from the source and the e-liquid. The coils also ensure that the device is not completely heated when the vaping unit is in use.

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Vape Coils – An Anatomy

Vape coils are also known by another name, atomizer heads. Technically speaking, vape coils are the units that are present inside the atomizer of a vaping unit. However, we all know that when you say one thing in the vape jargon, it will mean another thing. E-liquids available in different flavors of CBD e-liquids will always be the juices that you use to enjoy vaping in your e-cigarettes.

Before speaking about the CBD e-liquids and other such e-liquids, let us learn about the anatomy of the vape coils.

  • Nickel

Nickel coil alloys known by the name Ni200 are the normally used coils in an atomizer. There are certain atomizers with current vaporizing options, and nickel coils are not an ideal choice for such atomizers. On the other hand, the nickel coils are the best choice for the devices designed with temperature control options.

  • Main Body

The main body of an atomizer is the unit that covers the whole e-cig body. It also makes sure that the electrical supply to the coil is flowing in the right amount, as it attaches the atomizer head directly with the basal area of the tank.

  • The resistance of the Coils

Coils are responsible for the healthy supply of the electricity to the atomizer head, from the battery junction in an e-cig. When the whole unit is switched on, the e-liquid will be automatically vaporized after it is heated up to a certain temperature. The coil resistance for withstanding the heat will be lowered so that there is more production of vapor in the process.

It is a known fact that electricity will flow freely, only when there is a lower level of resistance from the coil. The higher the flow of electricity, the higher will be the production of vapor for the user. Hence, the coils with low resistance will always increase the durability of the device.

Types of Coils Available Today

Normally, the atomizer coils are prepared using kanthal and nichrome. As technology improved, the manufacturers of e-cigs started using many other kinds of wires such as stainless steel, nickel, titanium, and ceramic.

Some vapers prefer the atomic heads that last longer, and some vapers prefer the devices that offer huge clouds of vapors of e-liquid. If you enjoy vaping e-cig, then decide what your preference is and find the right device for you.