Watch Action Drama “Bhairava Geetha” Movie Online at Aha OTT

Watch Action Drama “Bhairava Geetha” Movie Online at Aha OTT

Religion, race, upper caste, lower caste all these social inequalities are found more in the few uneducated citizens, where people are illiterate and stick to the social beliefs of their ancestors. They lead a life in a rude manner. Mostly factionist lifestyle is related to the above-mentioned words. They live bloodshed life with reality attacks on each other enemy gangs.

In this scenario, for every head of the factionist, there are many factionist followers who sacrifice their lives for the sake of their faction leader. Who’s words are at most to them. The movie Bhairava Geetha is related to the faction drama action story, which revolves around love, action, and drama in a factionist village.

Why watch online movie Bhairava Geetha at Aha OTT

  1. Starring: Dhananjay, IrraMor, BalaRajwadi
  2. Director: Siddharth thatholu
  3. Music Director: Ravi Shanker
  4. Genre: Action Drama
  5. Language: Telugu
  6. Format: Streaming online Video
  7. Watchable devices: The movie is available to watch on supported devices
  8. Available on: Desktop, laptop, tablet, iOS, and Android devices also Smart TVs
  9. Where to watch online: aha Platform

Have a pleasure watching the drama action Bhairava Geetha movie online today.

Geetha (IrraMorr), the daughter of a formidable factionist of Rayalaseema Subbareddy, returns to her village. She falls in love with his father’s henchmen named Bhairava (Dhananjay). Initially,  Bhairava is not aware of her love. While Geetha’s father comes to know about her love, she plots a plan to kill Bhairava. Then Bhairava starts loving her from there onwards. The couple elopes to escape the attacks of Subbareddy to murder Bhairava.

Kannada actor Dhananjay executes rawness that is required for the role he played. IrraMorr is beautiful with her performance, Ram Gopal Varma’s voice over gives a glimpse of what the film is all about. The film is shot with good technical values. The rough terrain of Rayalaseema is captured in the movie aesthetically. The background score is apt.

Rest of the drama, what problems do they face along the way! How they protected themselves from factionist continuous attacks to live together. This is creating a curiosity to know more about the movie. The Bhairava Geetha movie is currently streaming on Aha OTT. Watch it today!

Top 8 reasons to watch Bhairava Geetha movie online

  1. It is a faction background story
  2. With good technical values
  3. Cinematography is a plus point
  4. Dhananjaya and IrraMorr performed well
  5. Not available to watch free online
  6. Not available to stream on TVs everywhere
  7. A trademark movie produced by Ram Gopal Varma
  8. The film explores how feudal landlords treat low caste people as slaves

Watch Bhairava Geetha movie online at Aha OTT

Dhananjay and IrraMor, who played the lead roles in the Bhairava Geetha film, have eye-catching, beautiful onscreen chemistry. The movie is produced by RGV and directed by Thatholu Siddhartha Shankar.

Though the movie story resembles a combination of few real stories, the director Siddhartha tried to show  in a more natural way, the factionalism, landlords and their

bloodshed activities over the lower castes in Rayalaseema.

It is the time to watch Bhairava Geetha movie online at Aha  OTT.

With the closure of multiplexes and theaters from March month onwards, the watching of video content on Aha OTT has increased.